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Website Marketing Services

1. Content marketing

Search engine optimisation is primarily a method of making it so your website appears high up in the search results so it will become popular.

Content marketing ignores search engines and instead aims to make your website popular using other means.
Hopefully by doing Content marketing, it will get popular in the search engines.

How does Content marketing help with google?

Trying to fool Google into giving you good rankings using the latest tricks or techniques is becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, it’s really not worth the effort, because if you find a technique or trick that gets you better rankings one day, it might get you banned the next. Google are getting much better at filtering out the bad tactics.

Content, does help and it’s a way of getting better rankings that is completely safe. So, by using content marketing techniques you will be doing just what Google wants. You'll be providing information for your customers, information that they want and information that is useful.

Google will see that your site is becoming more popular and people are visiting and they'll reward you with improved rankings.

2. Local Search Ranking

Local Content
Stuffing a bunch of locations at the bottom of your website homepage "we sell biscuits in district1, district2, district3 etc" is no longer a helpful way to promote your business or website locally.
A landing page for each location with unique content is a good way to appear in local searches using appropriate page titles and content keywords relevant to your location and business.

Local Listings
Ensuring your local listings on the major search engines are accurate, relevant and promote your business properly is crucial.
A huge number of websites exist including directories, social media and many websites that do something completely different but with useful opportunities to enhance your local search results.

What can Dawley Web Design do to promote my website?

Using both Content marketing and Local Search ranking  we aim to improve and add to the relevant content on your site. This means more customers will be able to find you, plus visitors to your website are actually from a location you can service (it's obviously no good getting receiving enquires from Scotland if you only travel as far as Manchester)

What's next?

Choose which services you want;

  1. Content marketing
    Create a carefully crafted content page about your business/ product or service.
    Cost from £75
  2. Local search marketing
    Create a local landing page with targeted content
    Cost from £75
  3. Local search marketing starter
    Create/improve local listings on the major search engines for the locations you service
    Cost from £125
  4. Local search marketing extended
    Create/improve local listings on the secondary search engines and indexing sites for the locations you service.
    Cost from £125
  • Before we do any work an audit of how your website performs is created using webmaster tools and analytics.
  • We do the work, which you can view, plus we'll advise of a time frame for results.
  • At the end of this time we'll create a second audit for you to see the effects
Content marketing is a "slow and steady wins the race"  occupation, which means it's a good idea to come back and create more marketing content. This may sound like I just trying sell you extra spades when you already have a spade and but the search engines like "fresh" produce, don't we all. So it's a good idea to create additional content on a fairly regular basis, so you rise to the top.

Get started;

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